Corinne Vargas

“I hail from the Land of Lincoln and deep-dish pizza and have an innately artistic spirit. I’ve always found joy in activities such as drawing, ceramics, painting, and photography. My arts journey led me to the marketing field, where I could leverage my creative talents and graphic art education to express myself and assist organizations in inventing ways to enhance their business and communities. With over two decades of experience, I’ve navigated through a diverse professional landscape, ranging from small-scale organizations to Fortune 500 companies. In the past 12 years, I’ve dedicated my efforts to local municipalities, evolving into a marketing Swiss Army knife with a versatile skill set. My track record includes winning numerous national marketing awards for my innovative campaigns, and I relish the dynamic nature of each day in the marketing realm. I thrive on approaching and creatively resolving challenges from an outsider’s perspective. Beyond my professional pursuits, I devote my time to leading a Girl Scout troop, frequently undertaking activities such as camping, engaging the community, and orchestrating the sale of Girl Scout cookies. Alongside my husband and two children, I call Illinois my home.