Using Coordination and Conversation to Facilitate Change and Healing


Avid Core supported Los Angeles County in its efforts to develop a land acknowledgment and related policy, land access policy, and to examine the historical record and identify recommendations for the County to take action and break the cycle of harm.

Our Approach

Together with our partners at Cogstone Resource Management and Kearns & West, we collaborated with a Tribal advisory group comprised of leaders and appointed representatives from Tribal Nations whose traditional lands intersect with Los Angeles County’s present-day boundaries.

Work was conducted in phases, resulting in three formal reports. By listening to input and information, building strong relationships, and fostering a shared understanding, we successfully established effective coordination between County departments and local Tribes.

Our Impact

Avid Core’s work led to the adoption of the first formal County-wide Land Acknowledgment, which is read aloud at the beginning of all Board meetings and displayed visually during meetings and on the County website.

Avid Core was also honored with a Hermes Creative 2023 Gold Award for the design of We Are Still Here: A Report on Past, Present, and Ongoing Harms Against Local Tribes, an award given to print publications that design for community impact.

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