Avid Core Stands in Solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander Community

I have been mulling over this message since the onset of the rise of violent crimes and deadly attacks against Asians and Pacific Islanders. I referenced past and recent instances of my family being attacked or ridiculed with anti-Asian sentiment. I wrote about the trauma that comes with being terrorized for simply existing, for being the subject of someone’s deep-rooted hate or fetish. I wrote about how it is possible and why it is important to stand against anti-Asian hate crimes without criminalizing black and other brown communities. I went down so many rabbit holes on various topics because I felt the need to educate and explain, but I realized that it cannot be done in one message or blog post. This feeling of defeat and hopelessness is even further compounded by the terrorist in Atlanta unveiling that he sought to eliminate outlets that contribute to his sexual addiction, further exposing the vulnerability that women, especially women of color, face day-to-day.

We must remind ourselves that racial and gendered hate crimes, violence, and murders are a long legacy and the collaborative work to eradicate it never ends. I hope everyone impacted has the love and support needed to heal from the senselessness.

Virginia Quiambao Arroyo, Avid Core Co-Founder   

Avid Core stands in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander community. We denounce and condemn the hate crimes and racist attacks against Asians perpetrated this week and in recent months across the U.S.  

Avid Core reaffirms our commitment to the collective effort needed to effect change.

We will continue to grow our allyship with the Asian and Pacific Islander community through enforcing our anti-discrimination policies, maintaining a safe and healthy workplace culture, creating spaces for co-workers to support each other, and speaking out and intervening when we witness discrimination.

Avid Core recognizes that to effectively address anti-Asian racism, we must also work to end all forms of structural racism leveled at Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color. We pledge to continue putting our founding values of inclusivity, integrity, and equity into practice.

In memory of the six Asian women murdered in Atlanta on March 16, we are donating to Futures Without Violence and the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence. We are also donating to Stop AAPI Hate to support their continued efforts to track and respond to the surge in racism and xenophobia. We encourage you to join us to see where you can help—financially or otherwise—and to seek help when you need it.