Melissa Gomez

If anybody had told that middle child from a small town in Colombia that one day she’d go across the continent on her own to experience a different culture, speak another language, and even jump into a shark cage, she wouldn’t have believed it. Imagine her surprise now that she’s close to graduating from Marymount University with a degree in Communications, a minor in Business Administration, and a certificate in User Experience Research and Design. The same desire for growth and curiosity for people’s stories that has led me through initiatives in radio, communications, film, and content creation, today motivates me to help others from diverse backgrounds like myself feel seen, heard, and connected. I enjoy collaborating on innovative projects that inspire, empower, and engage audiences through strategic communications, compelling digital experiences, and human-centric approaches. My journey now continues at Avid Core, where I’m getting equipped for yet another adventure learning how effective outreach and impactful messaging move the conversation forward and bring communities and organizations together. Needless to say, that child still can’t believe it!