Sarah Cox

“As a young arts student, I was fortunate to live near Washington, D.C. and have parents who appreciated the great resources the city had to offer. I distinctly remember visiting the Phillips Collection and my father excitedly pointing out a Paul Klee. I was unimpressed. My perspective aligns more closely with my father’s now, and I’m happy to report my own seven-year-old is more receptive to the nuances of different styles and movements. Like me, she only has a favorite color to be succinct when asked. Her real favorite “color” is the rainbow wheel we make at least weekly, using Adobe Illustrator. There‚Äôs beauty in every color, every style, and every story. That’s what makes working with Avid Core so rewarding. We build stories that empower and connect communities and individuals. I’m proud to support the team with my almost 20 years’ experience uniting creative elements into cohesive, impactful packages. Also, I’m happy to send you a rainbow wheel on request.”