Announcing Avid Core

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new strategic communications company, Avid Core. We’re launching as a small, nimble team working on big, complex issues and we’re hungry to sink our teeth into new challenges.

Most importantly, we’re launching as the kind of company we are proud to be a part of. A lot of people start businesses out of necessity. We had other options in our field but realized that we could create more opportunities for others and create the kind of firm we have always wanted to work for by starting it ourselves from the ground up.

When we decided to establish Avid Core—more than six months ago—there was no way we could have predicted the environment we’d be launching into. We always knew it would be a challenge. Both of us have young kids (three years, one year, and six months old) and balancing our families, our regular workload, and the nascent stages of a company was a formidable task from the start. Adding the COVID-19 pandemic on top of everything makes the idea of launching a company seem crazy. But we think it would be crazier not to launch.

In times of uncertainty and crisis, it’s important to take control of the things that you can. For us, this means launching Avid Core and introducing ourselves to the world. While we planned to host a launch party, to set up introductory meetings with potential clients and partners, and to attend a flurry of networking events to get Avid Core’s name out there, now it seems that the tried-and-true sales practice of “knocking on doors” will be replaced by the dings of web conferences and the Muzak of conference call systems.

Our launch looks a little different than we originally intended, but it has inspired the type of creative and out-of-the-box thinking that we hope becomes synonymous with Avid Core.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and about serving as reliable partners who balance process and progress to strategically move projects forward. These founding principles guide all our work and decisions.

We’re confident that we will get through this challenging time as a community and that we will rebuild in a way that is better than before. Our hope is that Avid Core can help with that.

— Virginia Quiambao Arroyo & Amanda Roberts