Finding Support for My Internal Struggle

My internship with Avid Core started in April 2022 and when it started, I didn’t have a real idea of what a communications firm did. I had a vague idea that it was to “spread information to others” and once time came to start my role, it was very overwhelming for me. Not necessarily because it was difficult, but because I had another struggle I am constantly dealing with: Bipolar I disorder.

I have struggled with this illness throughout my early adult life. I was initially diagnosed in 2019, late into my sophomore year of college. Then I was diagnosed again this year. I worried how It would affect my career because of how this condition is viewed by others.

It’s very hard for most people to discuss this with their companies, out of fear of being judged. But at Avid Core, they make sure everyone knows it is okay to be different, which made me feel relieved. If I ever needed a day to regroup myself, I had support from my team.

That is one reason I enjoy working here. Avid Core prioritizes our health both physically and mentally, while still prioritizing the firm’s projects and clients.

During my time here, I felt that I have grown significantly as a working professional. The work dynamic here has been amazing. The team focuses on building our connection with each other by having team activities and meetings.

One of my favorite activities are our Avid Core team meetings, which have a theme for that day that allow me to learn a little bit each week about everyone, while they get to learn about me too.

Although I do enjoy learning about others, I would consider myself to be introverted. Being diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder and being introverted has also made me feel that that I was way too different from others, and I have internalized a feeling that I needed to be extroverted to be successful.

I continue to practice and find ways to still feel comfortable and feel like myself while also accepting that I need to speak with confidence to succeed. I have slowly progressed forward and I feel a lot more comfortable giving presentations and hosting interviews. Before, I would almost freeze up just from thinking about speaking to a group. Throughout my time at Avid Core, I have improved a lot.

I began doing these specific tasks because I mentioned to my leadership that I had a public speaking fear that I wanted to overcome, and they supported that goal by assigning me tasks that gave me opportunities to call, present, and interview. At first, I put on a façade to force myself to do what I needed to do, which now no longer feels as forced, but more natural. I do still struggle, but I continue to grow as a professional and as a person.

Now I am working here full time, which has made me feel great about my overcoming my silent struggles. I still struggle sometimes, but I no longer feel insecure or scared. The team here really makes me feel welcome and they are great at providing support when needed. I am very glad and grateful to be here at Avid Core and encourage more companies to follow their lead to empower and support team members who have different challenges.